Who we are

 Strong Strategic Focus

GSS InterTrade is constantly evaluating the needs of our customers to ensure that we can provide the products and services they need at the best price and delivery, and backs that up with warranties and guarantees.  We have the financial base and warehouse space to maintain stocks of high demand items such as generators, tower lights, all terrain vehicles, lumbers, construction materials, etc.

Quality Service and Operations

GSS InterTrade has a highly developed and proven system for providing all of your requirements within the time specified and at the best value price.  We do this with our comprehensive tracking system that starts when we receive a Request for Quote until you receive your delivery and are satisfied that it meets your purchase order specifications.  We then have our customer service personnel available to assist you with any warranty, service, or operational problems. 

Procurement Leader in the Middle East

GSS InterTrade has an experienced Procurement Team that is the envy of our competitors.  We have our Procurement Department organized by market commodities.  Each element is an expert in getting the best price and delivery possible.  We ensure that our catalog of products and services leads our market segment for “Best Value”.  Our buyers know the local as well as global marketplace and have a keen competitive spirit in acquiring your requirements better than any of our peers in this market segment.  We thrive on challenge, change, and consistent internal analysis of our performance.  Being on the GSSInterTrade Procurement Team is a tough job, but the rewards of winning for our customers are well worth it for those who make it with us. 

Business Alliances

GSS InterTrade has an enviable position as a key strategic partner with a number of manufacturers and suppliers that are industry leaders.  We accomplish this by our outstanding Financial Situation which allows us to get the best financial terms and conditions.  We are a company that is here for the long term and will not tolerate working with those that are out for quick profits at the expense of our valued customers.  This gives us leverage on delivery times, price, push packages, and warranty support.


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What we do

GSS InterTrade is a dynamic and growing company that has successfully managed over 150 contracts in the past year.  We know that customer satisfaction is the key to our long term success and do all we can to ensure that you are fully content with all aspects of your relationship with us.  We are continually improving our internal processes and procedures and shortly will be introducing a Web Based Customer Accessible System to track the status of your orders. 

GSS InterTrade is deeply proud to support the Coalition Forces of Operation Iraqi Freedom and those companies that also serve the cause by providing infrastructure and services.  We have close relationships with just some of the following organizations and companies:

  • TWI – Theodor Wille Intertrade
  • Halliburton
  • Bechtel Corporation
  • The United Nations
  • Parsons Group

GSS InterTrade is an industry leader in providing the following:

  • Resturant Furniture and Supplies
  • Power Generation
  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • All Terrain Vehicles
  • Portable Light Towers
  • Construction & Building Materials
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Armored & Ballistic Materials
  • Computer Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment & Tools

GSS InterTrade has total commitment to providing Customer Service Excellence.  We are a company that is serious as a “heart attack” about our customer service program.  We take that extra effort on the whole life cycle of your order.  We take no shortcuts in ensuring our customers get exactly what they order.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work! 

Wanna see proof? Check out our work!